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At Rush Bail Bonds, we value your time. We know you’re watching the clock, waiting and waiting until your loved one is released from jail. We can help! We’re a family owned and operated jail bond company with a passion for helping people. We’re in the business of making lives better and helping people get their lives on the right track. That journey starts with posting bond and getting out of jail. We’re now serving the Bessemer, AL community. We’re here for you!

Working with Bonding Agents

If this is your first time dealing with an arrest, you probably have a lot of questions about working with a bail bond agent. We’re here to answer all your questions. A bail agent serves as the middleman between the courts and your family. When someone you love is locked up, a judge will set bond- an amount you must pay to get out of jail. When you work with bail bonding agent, you don’t have to come up with the full amount. Rush Bail Bonds typically requires you to pay between 10% to 15% plus a small fee. We can work with your budget to make this financial expense more feasible for your budget. Once a defendant is released from jail, they must promise to appear at future court hearings. If they fail to appear, the defendant and co-signer must pay the total bail bill and a new arrest warrant will be issued.  We hope it never reaches this point. We encourage you to always follow the terms of your release.

 Dedicated Jail Bondsman

We’re dedicated to helping you through this difficult time.  Rush Bail Bonds is a family owned business and we believe in treating every client, regardless of circumstances, with respect, compassion and dignity. Everyone on our staff meets the bail bond agent requirements and that means you get the most knowledgeable bail agents working on your case. As always, we keep all the details of your case confidential.

24 Hour Bessemer Bail Service

There’s never a great time to get arrested.  We get it. That’s why we’re open all the time, even on weekends, holidays and 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning. When you call our bail bond company we will need the booking number, criminal charges and defendant’s name.  This information will expedite the bail process.

Trustworthy Alabama Bail Company 

You can count on Rush Bail Bonds. When you get a call from the jail, your next call should be to Rush Bail Bonds. We look forward to helping you today. Call us at (205) 543-9209.