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Bail Bonds Center Point AL

This is a difficult time for you and your family.  At Rush Bail Bonds, we understand exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through. We know your brother is innocent until proven guilty. We’re here to help you get him out of jail as quickly as possible. When you work with an experienced bail bondsman agent, the financial burden of posting bail isn’t nearly as difficult. We’re now serving the Center Point, AL community. We’re here for you!

What to Expect with Bonding Agents

Is this the first time you’ve had to ever research bail bond agents in your neighborhood. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. We know people make mistakes and more often than not it’s not a reflection of character. Our bail bonding service company isn’t here to judge you or your family-we’ll leave that up to a jury. We’re here to help you get out jail as quickly as possible. When you call a bail bondsman agent please have the defendant’s name, booking number and criminal charges available. This information can expedite the process, even before bail is set.  When you work with Rush Bail Bonds, you don’t need to come up with the total bail amount. In fact, you just need to pay 10% to 15% of the total bail amount. We also need a co-signer, like a mom or brother and a piece of collateral.  Collateral comes in all shapes and sizes: cars, homes, property, stocks. Basically, anything of value will be accepted as collateral.  Once bail is paid, the defendant is released and must agree to appear at future court hearings.

We’re Jail Bondsman Working for you

At Rush Bail Bonds, we treat every client with dignity and respect. We’re a family owned bail bond company with more than 15 years of experience. We’re working for you. OUr bail agents promise to answer all your questions and guide you through this difficult time as quickly as possible.

24 Hour Center Point Bail Service

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a jail bond company to call you back. No one has time for that. When you need help, you want a bail bondsman agent on the other end of the line, not a voicemail or answering service. We’re open every day of the week and vow to pick up your call for help no matter the time. We’re available for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Licensed Alabama Bail Company 

At Rush Bail Bonds, good enough isn’t enough. We meet all the state and national standards for this industry with the goal to better serve you. Call us today at (205) 543-9209.