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Bail Bonds Forestdale AL

It’s late and you’re exhausted. The dark circles under your eyes reveal the weeks of sleepless nights. You’re worried and can’t stop thinking about your son who is now sitting behind bars at the local jail.  You don’t have to worry anymore. Rush Bail Bonds will work with you to get your son out of jail quickly. Our team of dedicated bail bonding agents make posting bail simple and easy.  When you work with a bail agent, you only need to come up with a small percentage of the total bail amount. We also need a co-signer, which is typically a family member or close friend. We also need some form of collateral. The wait is over.  We will make every effort to reunite you and your loved one today.  We’re now serving the Forestdale, AL community.  We’re here for you!

When to Call a Bonding Agent

If you know you will be arrested, pick up the phone and call a bail bondsman agent before you’re booked into jail.  This way our bail agents can begin to work on your case as soon as possible.  If an arrest in unexpected, as most are, have someone you trust call our bail bonding company right away. When you call Rush Bail Bonds, please have the defendant’s full legal name, booking number and criminal charges. This information will help us expedite the bail process.  It’s also a great idea to call us when you don’t have the fund to pay for the total bail bill. We will work with your budget to make this expense financial feasible.

Most Experienced Jail Bondsman

Rush Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated bail bonds service with more than 15 years of experience.  Our team of professional bail agents are all licensed with the state of Alabama. Licensing in this profession requires a 20-hour in-depth course, followed by an exam.  We have the experience and knowledge you expect! This expertise is helpful when we’re trying to get your loved one out of jail quickly.

24 Hour Forestdale Bail Service

You don’t have time to waste. This is why we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re here for you in the middle of the night, before the sun rises or in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. A bail bond agent is always on call and ready to help.  Our bail bonding company will never make you wait for a callback.

Professional Alabama Bail Company

When you need someone you trust, call Rush Bail Bonds. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate this difficult time. Call us today at (205) 543-9209.