Gadsden, Al

Gadsden, Al

If you’ve never been arrested before, you probably have many questions. We are here to assist you, Rush Bail Bonds! A bail bonding agency works as an independent contractor between you and the court. We simplify and keep posting bonds that are reasonably priced. Working with a bail bonding company reduces the cash you must provide to 10% to 15% of the total bail.

A co-signer and some collateral are also required. The offender must attend all upcoming court dates once the bond is set. A new arrest warrant will be issued for the defendant if they do not appear. If this occurs, our bail agents must get the collateral to cover the entire bail amount. We hope it never comes to this. For this reason, you must exercise responsibility and maintain regular communication with your lawyer while awaiting bond.

Gadsden, Al Bonding Agents

This goes beyond a simple job. Our bail agents at Rush Bail Bonds genuinely care about every community member. We reside next door. We likely frequent the same grocery store. If bail is set, you can leave jail while waiting for your case’s outcome. This procedure will be smooth and easy with the help of our bail bonds service organization.

24-Hour Bail Bonds Service

You don’t have time to call every bail bond business listed online or in the phone book. You’ll immediately learn that Rush Bail Bonds is not like the other guys after giving us a call. You will always get courteous and considerate service from our bail bonding professionals. We always maintain the confidentiality of the specifics of your case. Even on weekends and holidays, we are open around the clock. Since there’s never a convenient time to get arrested, we’re accessible all year round!

Directions To Rush Bail Bonds

We operate from our office in Birmingham, AL, serving the entirety of Gadsden, AL. Additionally, we can typically handle everything over the phone for you. But I’ve included a Google Map with directions below if you ever need to visit our Birmingham, AL office!

After Working with a Bail Bondsman

Excellent query. We’re delighted you inquired! The case still needs to be done even after our bail bond agent assists you in getting your loved one out of jail. This is only the start. Upon being released from custody, a defendant must commit to appear in court for their hearing. A fresh arrest order will be issued if the defendant does not attend.

Furthermore, the co-signer will now be in charge of providing the entire bail sum. Our bail bond firm will gather collateral to assist in covering the whole bail amount. We hope it never comes to this. Our agreement expires at the case’s final decision.