Jefferson County, AL

Bail Bonds Jefferson County, ALWhen you’re in trouble, you need a bail bonding agent in your community you know and trust.  With more than 15 years of experience, you can count on Rush Bail Bonds Jefferson County, AL for all your bail bonding needs.  Rush Bail Bonds is located throughout the region to better serve you and help you get out of jail and on with life.  There’s never a good time or place to be arrested.  That’s why Rush Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, AL is available 24/7, 365 days a year.  Pick up the phone and call one of our bail agents today!

What Is The Process In Jefferson County, AL?

Great question.  When you’re charged with a crime, a judge will often set a dollar amount you must pay to get out of jail.  This dollar amount is called a bond.  A bond is basically an insurance policy with the judicial system to guarantee you will be present for future court proceedings.  A judge determines bond by considering several factors including, criminal history and employment status.  If you can’t afford to pay all of your bond up front, Rush Bail Bonds can help.

With us all you’ll need to pay is a small percentage of the overall bond, secure a co-signer and collateral. At Rush Bail Bonds Jefferson County, AL our bail bonding agents require between 10%-15% of the total bail amount. This fee in non-refundable.  A co-signer can be a responsible family member or friend. Collateral is considered anything of value such as a home, property or a car.

Can Rush Bail Bonds Get Me Out?

How fast you post bond with the help of Rush Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, AL varies from case to case.  The one thing is certain, our Jefferson County, AL Bail Agents will help you get out as fast as possible. Typically, the more serious the criminal charges, the higher your bond amount.  Under state law, Felony crimes are the most serious offenses and carry the higher bail amount.  Misdemeanor crimes are a much less serious classification of crime, but can still carry a hefty bail.  How high or low your specific bail is set by a judge and your financial situation will determine how long it will take to get out of jail.  Because every case is unique, call Rush Bail Bonds Jefferson County, AL today for advice on your particular situation.  Our bail agents will help guide you through this difficult experience, one step at a time.

If your loved one is in jail right now, don’t delay.  Call Rush Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, AL today! To expedite the bail bonding process, please provide our bail agents with the full legal name of the inmate, where the inmate is currently held and their inmate booking number. This information will help Rush Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, AL to begin the bail bonding procedures.  Typically, a judge will set bond during a first appearance. This court hearing will occur within 24 hours of an arrest.  Once bail is set, Rush Bail Bonds will work with you and your family to make posting bond as easy as possible. Our compassionate and caring agents are ready to take your call right now!  If you’re still unsure if our company is right for your situation, call anyway.  We will always guide you in the right direction.

Out Of Jail, Now What?

Great question.  Now that your son is out of jail, it’s very important he stays out of trouble and follows through on the terms of his release.  When a defendant posts bond, they are essentially making a promise to the judge and court they will be present for future proceedings.  Make sure your son attends every court hearing for his case.  If your son fails to appear in court, a judge may issue a new arrest warrant and he will go back to jail.  Bottom line: make sure you and your son fully understand the terms of release and show up in court.  If you have any questions about your case call your lawyer or court appointed attorney.  At Rush Bail Bonds Jefferson County, AL, we often recommend our clients get a calendar to better keep track of court hearings.  By staying organized, you will stay on top of your case and out of jail!