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Bail Bonds Service Watson AL

Just as the sun rises above the mountains, there’s a knock on your door. A loud, urgent knock you’ve never heard before.  A peek out the front bay window reveals two police officers.  Your heart begins to race. As you answer the door, you already know why they’re standing at your front door before your first cup of coffee. It’s about your sister.  She’s in jail, again- this time charged with several serious felonies. When you need help posting bail, Rush Bail Bonds is the company you can count on! We understand this is a heartbreaking time for you and your family. Our job is to get your sister out of jail as quickly as possible while she awaits the final verdict in her case. To make serving you more convenient, we are now helping neighbors in the Watson, AL community.

Bonding Agents Work Fast 

There’s nothing more unsettling than thinking about your sister or grandmother sitting behind bars.  While jail serves a necessary function in our legal system, if a judge sets bail, your loved one has the right to get out.  That’s where our bail agents come in.  Rush Bail Bonds works hard to get your loved one out of jail within 24 hours of an arrest. This timeline may be extended depending on the charges and how much money you can dedicate to bail. When you work with a bail bonding company, you don’t need to pay the full bail amount. In fact, you only need to pay between 10% and 15%. We also need a co-signer and collateral.

Professional Jail Bondsman

Rush Bail Bonds is a family owned bail bonding service and we will always treat you like one of our own.  No matter what kind of charges you or your loved one face, a bail bondsman agent will always handle your case in a professional and courteous manner.  We leave the judgment up to the presiding judge. We’re here to make the bail process simple and affordable.

24 Hour Watson Bail Service

If you know you are going to be arrested, you should call a bail bonding agent as soon as possible. You can reach a bail bondsman agent 24/7.  Yes, that even means on weekends. We never stop working for you. When you call a 24-hour bail bondsman, please let us know when you will be arrested and the criminal charges.  We can begin the bail process right away. If an arrest in unexpected and the defendant is already in jail, we will also need a booking number.

Experienced Alabama Bail Company

Rush Bail Bonds is here for you when you need help posting bail. We accept all major credit cards and will work with your budget to make bail affordable. Call us today at (205) 543-9209.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.