Fishing in Lake Purdy Birmingham, AL

Lake Purdy Birmingham ALIf you are looking for fun and relaxing day on the water, there’s no better place to be than in a pontoon boat, fishing on Lake Purdy in Birmingham. The 1050-acre water reservoir is surrounded by a lush and beautiful 7800-acre natural wildlife area. So, if you need a break from the boat, a short hike around the lake is perfect. The shores of the lake invite picnic lunches.

The lake was created in 1923 with the development of the Lake Purdy Dam in Shelby County.  The lake is not only an excellent place to fish, it’s used as a backup source of drinking water for the folks living in Birmingham, Al, and surrounding areas. In case you were wondering, the lake is named after an engineer who worked on the lake and dam back in the 20s.  Now, that you have a brief history lesson, time to go fishing!

Fishing Boat Rentals

No need to bring your own boat to fish on Lake Purdy in Birmingham, Alabama.  Lake Purdy Fishing is your one-stop shop for boat rentals, bait, life jackets and of course, cold beverages. There are several types of boats to rent depending on how many people are in your fishing party: regular 14′ Jon boat (3 people), premium wide Jon boat (4-5 people), motorboats, full-rigged guide boat and party pontoon boats. The prices vary depending on how long you’ll be on the water and whether or not you will be fishing during the day or at night.  In general, it costs more to rent a boat a night because it’s such a popular time to fish. Life jackets are free for anyone who wants to fish! Safety first.

Great Catch in Lake Purdy Birmingham, AL

If this is your first time to Lake Purdy, you probably want to know what could be on the other line of that hook, line, and sinker. The lake is stocked with crappie, bass, and catfish. What sounds good to you? The sizes vary, of course, but the weekly fishing tournaments will give you a great idea of how big the fish really are.  No fish tales here- just real-life numbers. In January, a local caught a 52-pound catfish and h she has the picture to prove it. Bass range in size from a couple pounds to well over 15 pounds, depending on where you are in the lake. is a great resource for daily fishing tips and advice. The experts the rental and bait shop post daily updates, including pictures about the catch of the day and the bait used to reel the big ones in.  During the summer months, the water tends to get really hot- like 82 degrees warm.  The best time to fish during the summer is early in the morning or in the evening.  The lake is open for fishing 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.- however, if you have lights on your boat you can make arrangements to fish after hours. Please also see our articles entitled “Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Birmingham, AL” and “Golfing At ATM Oxmoor Valley Golf Course Birmingham, AL“.

June is a great time to fish for catfish because of the excess rains.  Catfish like to hang out in muddy water. When it rains, the lake gets muddy around the banks. That’s where you will find the catfish.  Crappie tends to avoid the muddy water. So, look for clear water, near the center of the lake if you are fishing for crappie.  Lake Purdy uses a system called Solar Bees to improve water quality and increase oxygen levels. This is great for enhancing and improving the water for fish and fisherman.

Lake Purdy in Birmingham, Alabama is a great place to make memories, catch fish, enjoy great conversation on the water and teach kids the art of the sport.  Lake Purdy is easy to access and with so many fish, you’re sure to go home with something in your cooler. Happy Fishing!

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