Bail Company Birmingham, AL

Bail Company Birmingham ALBail Company Birmingham, AL.

When you’re in trouble, you need someone you can trust.  You need a bail company with more than 15 years of experience on your side.  When you’re in trouble,you need Rush Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL.  Pick up the phone and call one of our professional and licensed agents today.  We’re ready to take your call and get you out of jail and on with your life.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (205) 543-9209!

Getting arrested is a life changing event and can flip your world upside down.  Bills go unpaid, employers become impatient and families struggle with an empty seat at the dinner table.  Getting arrested truly affects an entire community and this is why we started this bail company more than 15 years ago.  Our bail agents have deep passion for improving the lives of our neighbors in Birmingham, AL.  We want to get you, back to being you.  We promise to get you or your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.

Bail Bond Basics

Let’s start with the basics.  Bail is essentially an insurance policy guaranteeing a defendant will be present for future court proceedings. Depending on the accused crime, the bail bond is set at a first appearance hearing.  This hearing takes place within 24 hours of an arrest.  A judge sets bail based on several factors: criminal history, employment status and ties to the community.  However, sometimes if a client is accused of a non-violent crime or it’s their first accused offense, they could be released on their own recognizance.  This means you or a loved one is released without having to pay bail.  If you’re released on your own recognizance then you probably don’t need to hire a bail company to help you out.  If a judge sets bail in your case, then you can pay the entire amount up front or enlist the help of bail bond company to help you through the process.

Posting Bail

Okay.  So, now that you know the basics of bail let’s dive into how you go about posting bail and getting out of jail.  Here’s an example: Susan has been arrested for vehicular assault.  A judge sets her bail at $300,000.  If  Susan has the cash, she can pay for the entire amount directly to the courts.  However, that’s a lot of money and for some families it can be exceptionally difficult to come up with the cash.  This is where a bail bond company comes in.  Our agents work as a middle man between the courts and the defendants.  So in this case, our agents would charge Susan between 10%-15% of the total bail amount.  Susan would also need a co-signer and collateral.  Once Susan has agreed to the terms of our contract, we work with the courts to secure her release.  Our bail company then becomes responsible for Susan while she is out on bond.  If she fails to show up to future court proceedings, then we become responsible to pay for the entire bail amount.  This is why we require collateral.  Collateral gives a bail agency a source of revenue to pay bail if Susan skips town or breaks the terms of her release.  Our fee is non-refundable.

Our Company Process

We want to make this process as seamless as possible.  Please call us today if you have any questions or concerns. Each and every one of our agents employed at our bail company in Birmingham, AL is licensed and insured with the state of Alabama. Getting licensed in our state is no easy feat.  Every bail agent must attend a 20 hour in depth course on bail bond procedures, best practices and laws. Rest assured when you call Rush Bail Bonds you are getting the best in bail business.  We treat every client with dignity and respect, regardless of the charges they face.  We know this is a frightening and chaotic time.  We will walk beside you and guide you through this experience.  We’re here for you.

Once you or a loved one is out of jail, it is critical to show up to future court hearings and your trial.  If you fail to appear, a judge most likely issues a new warrant for your arrest.  We certainly hope it doesn’t reach this point.  If you’re unsure of your next court date, please call your bail bondsman or your attorney.

Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (205) 543-9209!  When you’re in trouble, we’re here for you.  Our bail agents are available 24/7 across the Alabama, including right here in Birmingham.  We look forward to getting your life back on track.