How Do Jail Bonds Work Birmingham ALHi!  Welcome to Rush Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL.  If you’re up late trying to bail a loved one out of jail, we can help! With more than 15 years of experience in the bail bond industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to get you through this difficult time.  An arrest in a family is devastating, regardless of the circumstances surrounding an arrest.

We know exactly what you’re going through.  We treat every single client with compassion and dignity, just like you are part of our family.  It’s this level of customer service and professionalism, setting us apart from the other bail companies in town. If this is your first time dealing with an arrest, you’re probably wondering exactly how do jail bonds work.  Pick up the phone and call one of our bail agents today! We’re ready to answer all your questions and get your husband, brother or mom out of jail as quickly as possible.

How Do Jail Bonds Work?

A Jail bond is basically an insurance policy with the court system.  In exchange for paying bond, a defendant is released from jail.  However, there’s more to it than that.  When a defendant posts bond, he or she must promise to appear at future court hearings and follow through on the terms of their release.  For example, if a defendant is charged with drinking and driving, a judge may require him/her to abstain from drinking alcohol until the case is resolved.  Still wondering how do jail bonds work? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

A judge determines bond based on a defendant’s criminal history, employment status and current criminal allegations.  Bond varies greatly from a few hundred dollars to well over a million dollars.  Every case is unique and there is no one size fits all bail amount.  If you have more questions on how do jail bonds work, call Rush Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL right now!

What Do They Cost In Birmingham?

Great question.  Paying for bond is often an unexpected and costly bill, most families are unprepared to pay for.  We understand what you’re going through.  You have several options when it comes to paying for bond: cash, property bond or hiring a 24-hour bail bondsman.  If you have the cash readily available, you can pay for the entire bond amount directly to the court or sheriff’s office.  However, if you pay cash you will not receive the money back until there is a final verdict in your case.  It could take months, sometimes years for a criminal case to reach a resolution.

If you’re uncomfortable having your cash tied up for months, perhaps years, you have the option to post a property bond.  With a property bond, the value of the house or land must be equal, or more than the bail amount.  If you don’t have any property to sign over, Rush Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL will work with your budget to make posting bail a viable option.  Call us today for more information on how do jail bonds work!

Choosing The Best Bondsman

If you decide working with a bail bonding agent is the best option for your situation, you may be wondering how to choose the right jail bond company.  You have lots of choices in the Birmingham, AL area, but one call to Rush Bail Bonds and you’ll quickly know why more people count on us than any other bail company around.  We hire only the most professional and compassionate bail agents!

This means you receive personalized customer service, around the clock.  We’re fully licensed and insured! This means every agent you work has successfully passed a 20 hour in depth course and test regarding best bond practices, procedures and ethics.  Still wondering how do jail bonds work?  Call one of our agents for more information.

How Fast Will I Get Out Of Jail?

Our bail agents make every effort to get a loved one out of jail and on with life within 24 hours of an arrest. Bond is typically determined at a first appearance court hearing.  This hearing takes place within 24 hours of an arrest.  Once we know the bail amount, we can work together to post bond.  At Rush Bail Bonds in Birmingham, AL we require collateral, a co-signer and charge a non-refundable to help you post bond.  For more information about how jail bonds work, call one of our professional bail agents right now! We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!