Bail Bond Agent Birmingham ALWe know what you’re going through. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely trying  to get your husband, son or daughter out of jail and back home as quickly as possible.  It’s a confusing and chaotic time.  We know how you feel and we know how to make things better. Call a Rush bail bond agent in Birmingham, AL today! Our agents will guide you through this traumatic time with grace and unwavering professionalism.

Why Use A Bail Bond Agent?

We have the most experienced bail agents in all of Birmingham, Alabama.  In this business, experience is everything.  Our in depth knowledge of the judicial system, means that we can get you or a loved one out of jail quickly.  Did you know the average jail cell is about the size of a king size bed? Now imagine sharing that space with another inmate.

Ready to leave?  That’s what we thought.  Jail is frightening experience, especially if it’s the first time a person has been arrested.  By working with a licensed bail bond agent, you won’t have to spend more time than you want to behind bars.

What If I Am Actually Innocent?

I shouldn’t have to pay anything to get him out.  He didn’t do it!  We’re not here to pass judgement on anyone.  We believe in the cornerstone of our judicial system: innocent until proven guilty.  A Rush bail bond agent is here to help you! Our goal is to get you or your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible and on with your life.

Even if your husband is wrongly accused, you still need to let the judicial process take its course.  Depending on the crime, a judge will sometimes let people out of jail on their own recognizance.  In this case, there is no bail.  The accused, however,must sign a document to promising to show up for future court hearings.

How Much Will A Bail Bond Cost?

There isn’t a magical one size fits all bail formula judges use to determine bail.  There are standards, but judges have discretion to set bail depending on the case.  There are several factors judges consider when setting bail: seriousness of the crime, criminal history, employment status and how likely it is the accused will skip town and not show up to court hearings.

Typically, the bail for felony charges are much higher than those of misdemeanor crimes.  In Alabama, felony crimes include robbery, kidnapping and murder.  Misdemeanor crimes include: first degree trespassing, third degree domestic violence and cruelty to animals.

Okay.  Bail has been set at $2,500.  Now what?  You have a couple options.  Pay the entire bail amount in cash or work with a licensed bail bond agent and pay only a fraction of the total bill.  For example,  if your husband’s bail is set at $2,500, then you would pay Rush Bail Bonds between $250 and $375.  As part of our contract, we also need collateral and a co-signer.

Collateral is your way of ensuring you can pay the total bail amount should the accused fail to show up to future court hearings.  We accept collateral in all shapes in sizes: vehicles, property, stocks and even jewelry!  Once we have signed a contract and you’ve paid the small service fee, we can begin to get your husband or loved one out of jail.  Our fee is non-refundable.

After Bail In Birmingham What Is Next? 

Make sure he’s on his best behavior and he’s on time to future court hearings.  This is critical.  If your husband breaks the terms of his release and fails to show up to court proceedings, then a judge will most likely issue a warrant for his arrest.  If this happens, we will begin collecting the collateral to pay for the total bail amount.

In addition, you husband will be arrested again and this time bail could be set even higher. We sincerely hope it never reaches this point.  When you work with a bail bondsman agent in Birmingham, AL, we can help you stay up tp date on all court proceedings.  We want you to succeed!

If you’re still unsure about what to do, give Rush Bail Bonds a call anyway.  We’re available 24/7 to answer all your questions and give you solid, knowledge based advice.  We know how you feel .  We’re here to make it better.  A Rush bail bond agent is standing by ready to take your call!