Bail Bonding Service Birmingham ALNo one enjoys getting in trouble.  Getting arrested and booked into jail is perhaps one of the most terrifying and uncertain events you will ever go through in life. The ripple effect of an arrest on a family and community is astonishing.  One person behind bar means there is one less person making a positive contribution to Birmingham, AL and the entire state.

Getting out of jail fast, means you get on with your life even quicker.  Rush Bail Bonds is here to help.  Your time matters and our bail services at our agency will take your call right now. We look forward to help you navigate this difficult time.  Call us today at (205) 682-6001!

Choosing The Right Bail Bonding Service

We know you have several choices when it comes to hiring a bail bonding company in Birmingham, AL.  One call to Rush Bail Bonds and you will discover, we’re more than just a bail bonding service, we are in the business of helping people.  Our primary focus is the well being of our clients.  When know you’re calling us in the darkest time of your life and you can guarantee we will treat you with dignity and respect.

We’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help regardless of your financial circumstances.  In addition to our professional standards, each and every one of our bail agents is licensed with the state of Alabama. This means your agent completes a 20 hour in depth course in bail bond practices, procedures and law before they even step foot inside a courtroom or jail.

What Does Bail Cost In Alabama?

Bail is often an unexpected expense many families never budget for. Even so, this shouldn’t prevent you from getting a loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. The good news is you have several options in how you pay for bond.  If you have cash, you can pay the bond amount directly to the judicial system.  If your bond is set so high you don’t have the cash to pay for it, you can work directly with a bail bonding services company in Birmingham, AL.

As part of the Rush Bail Bonds contract, we require 10%-15% of the total bail, a co-signer and collateral.  Our fee is non-refundable.  A co-signer is someone who agrees to take responsibility for the defendant for the duration of a criminal case.  A co-signer makes sure a defendant follows through on the terms of their release from jail.

Collateral is required as part of our contract in the event you skip bail.  If this happens, our bail bonding services company needs a revenue source to pay for your bond.  We accept all form of collateral, including bank accounts, jewelry, even boats.  Basically, if it has value it can be listed as collateral.  We accept a variety of payment plans and methods to make posting bond financially feasible for most every family.  When you work with Rush Bail Bonding Service, you don’t need to choose between paying bills and posting bond.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today in Birmingham, AL.

After The Bond, What Is Next?

Now, that you’ve been charged with a crime, your fate is in the hands of a judge and perhaps a jury.   Depending on the crimes you’re charged with, it could take months, even years for a verdict to be reached.  While you wait for your case to reach a resolution, you can do your part to stay out of jail.  Make sure you understand and follow the terms of your release.

If you’re unsure about what this means, contact our bail bonding services company in Birmingham, AL for clarification.  For example, if you’ve been charged with a violent crime against another person, a judge may require you to stay away from that specific person.  If you fail to stay away from your alleged victim, you may go back to jail.  The terms of release vary based on the charges against you.

We know you have your choice of bail bonding service companies in Birmingham, AL.  With more than 15 years of bail bonding experience, our bail bonds service expertise and knowledge to get you through this tough time. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Call us today at (205) 682-6001!